Just thinking.

Well, at this age you would think that my life would be kinda uneventful? You would be wrong. I find that I spend my days just trying to stay sane. I know that my life is not hard, but what should be my time is not. And truth be told, I really don’t mind. Getting a second chance at life and family is something that I’m really proud of. I was really lost back in the day. So lost, I missed out on a lot of things. I kept myself in the dark for a reason. When she died, that was the day my life kinda stopped. It would take years to find myself again. Thanks to a wonderful woman, my mom and her second chances, we survived. (Our little family) 

Then many moons later our family shrunk by a few. We grew up, including me. Then we became the brady bunch and the family got a whole lot bigger. Blessings abound for eveyone. A new life beginning and sadly a old life lost. But, that old life left us in a better place. All we have is each other. As I get older, I now start thinking when I become that old life? What will the outcome be?? All I know is…

When I don’t think I have the strength, I look at my slightly bigger family and smile. This is why we are here, this is why I’m here. 

Some will come and some will go…  but always still family!

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