I just spent the week analyzing the internet. Well my internet as I see it. Just the parts that pertain to just me, from what I look up, to what I read on a daily basis. And I found out a lot of interesting things.

     The biggest thing I found out is the lack of credibility of most of the stuff I was reading. I normally don’t delve into politics, but with the state of the internet these last few weeks. It’s hard not to NOT see something left wing or right wing, left nut or right nut. Who zoomed who and with what. I don’t like talking politics or religion, because it’s always the match that starts a wildfire that tends to burn bridges. Pitting one against another and always ends in tragedy.

     The one thing I see the most is the biased media on both sides of the isle. And DAMN, boy don’t they sure get the facts wrong and it spreads like a wildfire. The sad part is that most or all of this misinformation could be avoided if everyone would just take the time to fact check. While sometimes it takes a little effort, anything is better then losing a friend or family member due to ignorance. And that ignorance can go both ways.

     I tend to try to be bipartisan with a little leaning on the left side (as of this writing). Back in the day I always voted Republican. My first time voting was for the first Bush. And I can say that as I got older I got wiser and by that, I mean I studied what I was voting for. I found that a 2 party democracy for me at least sucks. The corporate side of the right just seems to make the rich, richer and I mean mega richer. And the social side of the left seems to put to much in the hands of the Gov. The right seems to want to be in the business of regulating a woman body… I believe it’s none of my damn business. The left seems to think one size fits all in everything and the government needs to run it.

Damn it, I wasn’t going to do a point for point..I was talking about credibility. Back to that!

     Well we will get back to that later, grand-kids just surprised me with coming home early from school….and with all the noise, I can’t write shit!!

     Holidays cut into writing time.


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