A few thoughts…

Just putting a few thoughts on paper and see what I write.

I hope that the holidays are going to good for the grandchildren this year? They seem to have good ones every year and don’t fight too much about who got what. I don’t get too thrilled about myself around this time of year, but it sure makes me happy to see the kids smile, all of them. I’m not the type of person to dwell in the past because my past wasn’t the greatest. I have my family and that’s all that counts for me now. It does seem we tend to lose people along the way. I think that’s why I feel down this time of year is that because so much is happening on a daily basis. I don’t get time to think about the past. It frustrates me a lot to think that I’m forgetting those that I have lost. On rare occasions, I run across a smell or a sound that reminds me of them, but today always drags me back to the present. I don’t want to forget the details and they seem to be slipping from my memories.

So I think I’ll try to keep a journal of what I can remember so my kids and grandkids can get a glimpse of something we lost so long ago.

Well, that’s enough of pity pot for today…and I was just testing out Grammarly to see if it suited my needs to keep my spelling and grammar in check.

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